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Name: Velika humka (Big mound) site
Municipality: Požega
Location (place, town, city): Pilatovići
Institute: Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia
Regional institute: Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Kraljevo
CR No.: AS 33
Date of inscription in the CR: 26.06.1983
Category: NCM of outstanding value
Type: Archaeological sites
Year/period of construction: 4th and 5th century b.c.

It is located in the plains along the right bank of the Moravica river, between the Pilatovići and Prilipac villages (west Serbia). The site is, in fact, a large prehistoric necropolis, consisting of 17 tumuli with several barrows. It is dated to the period of the early Iron Age.
In 1977-78, on the Trnjaci site, a large mound was investigated. In its centre there was a tombs of an elliptic shape, built of river boulders, where male cremated remains were found, presumably an elder. At the side of the deceased, an Egyptian scarab was found. In another grave of a female, some luxurious golden jewellery was found, garment decorations and an astragal strip. The grave of an elder was dated to the late 6th or early 5th centuries B.C.