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Name: Novo Brdo fortress
Municipality: Novo Brdo
Location (place, town, city): Novo Brdo
Institute: Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia
Regional institute: Office for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija, Leposavić
CR No.: CM 1393
Date of inscription in the CR: 30.12.1997
Category: NCM of outstanding value
Type: Cultural monument
Year/period of construction: 14th century

The mediaeval town of Novo Brdo is on top of Mala Planina mountain (Small Mountain), between Prilepnica and Kriva Reka rivers, north of Gnjilane, Kosovo and Metohija.

The mediaeval town and the settlement were formed in early 14th century. From mid 14th century Novo Brdo established itself as the biggest mining settlement in Serbia and one of the most significant urban centre. Besides the Serbian population, there are people from Dubrovnik, the Saxons, Greeks and the Albanians. In the period of King Stefan Dusan there was a mint and from 1349 coins were made bearing the name of the city. In mid 1455 the Turks invaded the city and from that moment it started its downfall to be finally abandoned in early 17th century.

The fortress, a dominant Upper Town, is a polygonal structure with six massive rectangular towers. The Lower Town was spread east of the fortress, forming a town settlement with the main town church of St Nicholas. In the church 900 graves and tombs have been discovered.