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Name: Kraku - Lu Jordan
Municipality: Kučevo
Location (place, town, city): Brodice
Institute: Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia
Regional institute: Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Smederevo
CR No.: AS
Category: NCM of outstanding value
Type: Archaeological sites
Year/period of construction: 3rd century

The Kraku-Lu Jordan site is located on the junction of the Brodica and pek rivers, at Kučevo, east Serbia.
It is an archaeological site, consisting of a minor fortification with copper and iron ore smelting and processing workshops, a late antiquity metallurgy complex (3rd-4th centuries). At its north-west end a tower was discovered, having a function of a metallurgy processing facility. Archaeological excavations started in 1971 and with interruptions lasted until 1987.